The Trouble With Love

Nearby, Martha arrives at the flower shop to tell Abigail that the dinner has been moved up an hour. Abigail still hasn’t found a replacement for Sophie and she’s also nowhere near done with Martha’s big order. When Martha turns to inspect the finished centerpieces, she finds only two have been finished. Martha knows Sophie quit and she can now see that her order is in jeopardy. Abigail tries to brush off Martha’s concerns but Martha is unimpressed and tells Abigail that a failure to deliver will have devastating consequences for her business.

Later that night Stephanie goes to a jobsite to see Ben. She brought him his favorite dinner to apologize for the way she treated him. Unfortunately the damage can’t be undone by a simple gesture. Ben realizes that Stephanie is embarrassed by him and tells her that they shouldn’t see each other anymore.

Sam has begun to realize why Grace wanted to spend more time with him. After talking with Cassie, Sam devises a plan to channel her feelings into something positive. The next day Grace accompanies Sam to the hospital and, while there, Sam mentions that he’s decided to do an internship program with Middleton high school. Grace loves science and is in all the advanced science classes at school. Working for Sam is a dream come true for her but she’s not sure why he chose her. Sam tells her he knows she misses her dad and that this internship is a way for her to spend time with Sam and pursue her love for science. Grace happily accepts the offer and decides she’d better take her driving test too.

After helping Grace, Sam returns home where he discovers that Linda has been busy cleaning Nick’s room and removing all his video games and other possible distractions. This is the last straw and Nick can no longer hide his frustration with his mother. Nick tries to explain his feelings to his mother but she dismisses him and accuses Sam of putting him up to the whole thing. Nick angrily walks off leaving Linda bemused. Sam tries to intervene, telling Linda that she’s putting distance between her and Nick. He tells Linda that she could make things easier, but he’s not sure she will.