The Storm

At the café, Stephanie sees Abigail grab Ryan’s arm outside and is suspicious about Abigail’s intentions. Back at the store, Stephanie stops in and confides that she is worried that Abigail is “working her magic” on Ryan.  Stephanie shares that she really only hired Abigail to keep her away from Sam, and she is aggravated with everything Abigail wants to change about the café. But, before Stephanie can fire her, Abigail quits. Stephanie is taken aback.

Ryan and Mr. Jones the developer meet up--it is time for Ryan to start spending time in Blairsville. Is he ready? Ryan says he is.

At Grey House, Cassie talks to Brian about becoming a parent. He is wary because he did not have good role models growing up. Cassie says he needs to take care of himself, and Brian knows that she means his stomach. Brian does not want Sam’s help in the matter.

Derek announces that the storm is coming after all, and it is headed straight for Middleton. Martha gets the news and asks Derek to enact the first phase of her safety plan.  She is ready to write her speech and wants to deliver it from the top of a snowplow.

Brandon and Abigail get to Grey House when Brandon gets a call to start closing roads--the snowstorm has turned into an ice storm.  Brandon reassures her that he will pick up Grace and Nick from the library and either bring them home or back to the station.