The Storm

When Sam returns home, Nick tells him that his mom got stuck in New York and won’t be coming.  Nick is disappointed and tells his dad that he wants to move back to New York.

In the morning, Sam returns to Grey House, and Cassie explains that Eve did not sleep well. Later, Sam gets blood test results for Eve, and everything seems fine. Cassie is still concerned and feels that something is wrong with the pregnancy that can’t be seen. 

When Grace is at the library, she runs into Anthony. He tells her that his dad got a new job and apartment in Davenport. Things are tense between them, and Anthony is still upset about her lies. If she wants a friendship with Nick, she can forget about keeping one with Anthony.

Abigail is at the cafe and talks to Stephanie about jazzing up the menu, but Stephanie is not open to her ideas at all. Ryan and Cassie discuss Abigail’s presence in Middleton, and Ryan confides in Cassie about the new mall project. Cassie is not interested in creating a second Bell, Book & Candle for the mall, and Ryan tells her he will need to travel a lot for this new opportunity. Ryan then breaks the news to Martha, who has a fit. She is furious that Blairstown will be getting a mall, and Ryan explains this opportunity just sort of fell into his lap.