The Storm

Martha and Derek review the storm news reports. Martha wants to send out an email to all Middleton residents outlining emergency procedures. She has Derek finish her memo.

Ryan meets with the developer in Blairsville. He has big plans for a new mall, and tells Ryan that he needs 20 letters of intent from businesses to lease the mall spaces in order to get the financing. The developer tells Ryan there will be a fair amount of travel involved, and he seems like the right guy for the job.

Brandon takes Grace home that evening. She pauses in his car, and Brandon tries to figure out what is going on. Grace wants to shadow him again the next day, but Brandon thinks she already has enough material to work with for her project. Grace finds Cassie in the kitchen where Cassie is making soup.  Cassie too notices that her daughter is off kilter and asks what is wrong – she knows something is up. 

Later, Sam stops by Grey House and needs to talk.  Cassie knows that Sam’s ex-wife Linda is not coming to town--she had made a reservation at Grey House, but called to cancel. Sam is upset about having to share the news with Nick that his mom is not coming. Eve and Brian suddenly return to Middleton, they are scared something is wrong with their baby. Sam thinks she has just had some cramping, and they are not Braxton Hicks contractions. He urges them to stay in town an extra night and that he wants to run some tests on Eve the next day.  Cassie thinks a hospital visit is best, but Sam sees no tangible reason for that.