A Budding Romance

Grace meets with Nick over coffee to prepare him for his upcoming biology exam. The two flirt and before he leaves, Nick tells Grace that she is by far his best teacher. When Nick departs, Stephanie sits down and wants to know the details of what is going on between the two teenagers. Grace smiles and says nothing, but Stephanie is not so sure about that. Later on, Nick sends Grace a text asking if she is available to talk tomorrow because he has an important question for her. She begins to wonder: is Nick about to ask her out?

Sam gets home to find Nick, who needs advice about girls and how to ask one out. Sam wants to know who the girl is, but Nick refuses to say. Sam recommends keeping it casual, but also suggests bringing flowers.

Meanwhile, back at Grey House, Cassie asks Grace how studying went with Nick, and Grace plays it off coy. When she steps out, Abigail wants to know more details. Grace admits that she likes Nick, but can’t go to her mother about it because of relationship with Nick’s dad. But there’s more to it than that. Grace tells Abigail that since Nick’s her good friend, she is not sure she wants him to ask her out. Abigail suggests letting Nick know how important their friendship is to her before he gets the chance to ask her out. She thinks that will make Nick back down from making a move.

Cassie pays Martha a visit at the mayor’s office and Martha wants to know how to market the Merriwick flower. She finds an annual famous flower book that features a selected city on the cover each year, and thinks this year Middleton could be the one. As the two women discuss marketing ideas, somebody is in the park snipping a stem from the Merriwick. All of a sudden, Cassie has an unpleasant feeling and doesn’t know why.