A Budding Romance

Later on that evening, Cassie is happy to see the bouquet of beautiful flowers Sam picked out for her at Abigail’s. Grace spots the flowers and is a bit surprised that Sam is now buying her mother flowers. When Grace hears that Sam and Cassie met at the park, she leaves the room.

Cassie tracks Grace down to her room to test her feelings on dating Sam. Grace is happy that Sam makes her mom so happy, but she is afraid their relationship will get too crowded with Sam in the mix. Cassie assures her daughter that it will never get too crowded for her. Grace says she knows that, but she wishes she found out sooner that the two were dating. The two share a special moment, and with a smile, Grace says Sam has good taste in flowers.

The next morning, Daphne continues to study the Merriwick flower in the park and meets George. They are interrupted by Abigail, who is in the park looking for flower ideas.