Surprise Me

At Sam's office, Grace arrives for her first day as his intern. Eve arrives to start Grace's training and from the start, it's clear that Eve has a unique way of doing things. Fortunately, Grace is a quick learner and has a special ability to digest Eve's instructions.

Back at the bistro, Stephanie is personally making sure that Adam, the handsome lawyer visiting Middleton, is enjoying his meal. Stephanie bumped into Adam at Bell, Book and Candle when he was looking for an herbal cold remedy. On paper, Andrew is everything Stephanie is looking for and he is a welcomed distraction from the situation with Ben.

As Stephanie and Andrew chat and get to know each other, Cassie arrives to pick up her own order. As Cassie stands waiting at the bar, John walks in, thrilled that he's run into her. A new zip line course is opening nearby and John hopes Cassie will join him to try it out. Not only are Cassie's zip lining days done, but she couldn't go without anyone to look after the shop. But, just as Cassie prepares to leave, Abigail arrives. Cassie introduces John to Abigail and, before leaving, wishes him luck finding a zip lining partner. Cue Abigail, who asks John what he could possibly need luck for. Sensing an opportunity, John offers to buy Abigail a cup of coffee and tell her his plan.

Back at town hall, Martha tries to convince her husband they should invest in their son's business. Despite her best rhetorical efforts, Tom is unmoved and instead suggests Martha help their son by not bailing him out. Later, certain that his mom has secured the seed money, Michael arrives to celebrate. Instead, he learns that both of his parents have decided not to give him the money.