Starting Over... Again

Later at the police station Martha shows up to complain to Derek about Brandon. As she is doing so Lori stops by with some soup for her brother. She overhears Martha making a ruckus about Brandon, and asks if she can quote the Mayor, now that she’s freelancing for the paper. Lori and Derek both play up the risks of complaining about an officer of the law who was only doing his job. Realizing her behavior might put her under a microscope, Martha decides to pay her fines and leave well enough alone.

Sam lets Cassie know that he could find nothing wrong with George from his exam and is quite stumped. Sam is seeing a new patient at his office when he is overtaken by a sneezing fit caused by his patient’s cologne. He has a moment of clarity, noting that he will be fine once he is “away from it” and thinks of George. He goes to Cassie’s later in the evening and asks George if he can take a look around at the garage. He stops by to see Cassie to let her know that he has figured out George’s issue. He notes that George is having a reaction to the paint and chemicals he is working with. Sam seems relieved and apologizes to Cassie about thinking it was her concoctions that were contributing to George’s symptoms.

That night, siblings Lori and Brandon share a tender moment over a special pin that Lori gave Jake years ago. She pins it onto Brandon’s coat and tells him to please be careful.

Cassie talks to Grace about Harry the falcon, and that she knows it was Nick and not Grace.  The next morning, Grace decides to confide to the vice principal that the perpetrator was really Nick, but before she can do so, Nick walks in and confesses.

Over dinner, Nick and Sam share a heartfelt conversation. Sam takes responsibility for moving them so suddenly to Middleton, and he knows that now Nick is acting out as a result. He lets Nick know that it is now time for Nick to take responsibility for his own actions.

The family prepares to head to Jake’s memorial ceremony. Lori reaches a decision and submits a letter of resignation to her current job. She is hoping to stay in Middleton and work for Jerry at the local newspaper. Ryan comes to Grey House to offer the family a ride to Jake’s ceremony.  Martha dedicates a wing of City Hall to Jake, and brings Cassie to the podium to speak. She keeps her speech short and sweet, as the loving husband and father would have liked. The silver lining for Cassie, and for the rest of them, is that the whole family is now back together, celebrating the life of the man they all love.

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