Starting Over... Again

The day after their argument, Sam visits Grey House and Cassie gives him a tea of dandelion root and chicory. Sam apologizes but will not say he is wrong. He knows George really needs a few tests and asks for Cassie’s help to get him into the office.    

Cassie and Lori sit down to talk. Lori says she is happy with her life, and that she is excited to see all of the improvements at Grey House. Cassie announces that she is happy to be opening up Grey House again as a bed and breakfast. But when George seems to be in pain again, Cassie encourages him to go and see Sam. He refuses, so she him to bring some extra pies she made down to the café. For this, he’s glad to be of service.

Lori drops by the town’s newspaper office, the Middleton Eagle and visits with Jerry, her former boss. Lori submits a letter to the editor about her dad. Jerry says he will run the letter in the Sunday paper, but that the newspaper will be closing down.  He just does not have any takers for getting some help to run the business, and can’t do it on his own any longer.

Nick is gunning for trouble again. Grace sees him at school and he shows her a statue of a falcon he has taken. Grace is appalled – it is named Harry and is a Middleton tradition! She urges him to return it. While they are arguing, the vice-principal sees Nick and he quickly shoves the statue into Grace’s locker.

Ryan stops by the Bell, Book and Candle and tells Cassie about an important dinner that weekend he must attend. His ex-fiancée and her husband will be there and he is unhappy at the thought of going alone. Cassie offers to go with him. Stephanie sees this interaction and asks Cassie if they are going on a date. Cassie defers and says that they are just friends. Cassie sees Ryan later at the café and just wants to confirm that they are going to the dinner just as friends, and Ryan concurs.

On his first assignment, Brandon sets up a speed trap and is instructed, per the Mayor’s orders, to issue tickets, not warnings. To the Mayor’s surprise, Brandon soon stops Martha and gives her a ticket. She asks for her license back and Brandon lets her know that it has expired.  Things start really going south when Brandon asks her to step out of the car! The situation gets even worse when Brandon discovers that Martha has a pile of unpaid parking tickets on her record. Martha threatens to call Derek but he won’t relent—he is going to have Martha’s car towed!

George drops off the extra pies at the Bistro Café and Sam is there. He apologizes to George and offers to buy George a piece of pie as a peace offering. He warms up to Sam because of this, and finally agrees to let Sam do a quick work up, free of charge.

Lori stops in to see Cassie at the store and asks for something for writer’s block. She complains about having to write another article she does not care about. Cassie advises her that she may need to change direction, and that she should find a quiet place to gather her thoughts. In Cassie’s sitting room, Lori and George look over a box of items that Cassie had saved. Lori discovers many items that belonged to her dad, and she and George fondly look over stories that Lori wrote for her father.

Nick thanks Grace for not ratting him out to the vice principal about the falcon. She gives Nick her locker combination and tells him he better get Harry out of her locker or she will get him in trouble.  Grace goes back to school to get her biology book, and when she opens her locker Harry falls out. Her timing is terrible—the vice principal happens to be nearby, and sees the whole thing. The VP has to call the police so he can file an insurance report, and Brandon happens to be the officer on the case. The vice principal lets Grace know that this incident will show up on her permanent record.  Later, Grace confronts Nick about not taking the blame for stealing the falcon, and she knows what he is really about.