Somewhat Surprising

Later that evening, Sam finds George outside Grey House, and George instructs him that Cassie is waiting in the backyard for Sam. Sam heads in that direction and shouts “Surprise!” only to find just Cassie waiting for him. Sam tells Cassie he was so sure there was going to be a surprise party for him. Cassie says his hunch was right, but she also knows he hates surprise parties and thought he would prefer a night of just the two of them. Cassie presents him with birthday present: a classic wood steering wheel from his teenage car, the Camaro. He is floored when he opens it and can’t believe Cassie went through all that work to find it in a scrapyard. As they walk inside, he tells Cassie that maybe he wouldn’t have minded a party, but it’s fine that their night is just the two of them, too. When he walks inside the kitchen, he is truly shocked that his closest friends are in the kitchen with a cake, shouting, “Surprise!”

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