Somewhat Surprising

Back at the clinic, Eve lets Sam know his lunch with Liam was canceled and just then, Martha walks in, inviting Sam to City Hall for some “very important business.” Sam accepts the invite and when she leaves he tells Eve that he knows Martha’s invite was really to his surprise party.

That afternoon, Sam walks into Martha’s office and shouts “Surprise!” only to be shocked that Martha really did invite him to City Hall to discuss serious business with other colleagues. An embarrassed Sam grabs a seat.

The next morning Cassie finds out that Officer Sanders found the Camaro she was looking for and it is only about an hour North of Middleton. Grace walks in the shop and updates Cassie that the playlist is all done. She also voices her frustrations with trying to get some alone time with Noah and how Nick always joins in and starts an argument. Cassie believes the two guys can find a way of being friends again; maybe it is Grace’s job to bring them together.

Back at the office, Sam is met with a mystery man looking for Abigail. When Sam tells the man he can’t give out her personal address, he informs Sam that he has something of Abigail’s he was supposed to deliver 20 years ago.