Somewhat Surprising

Grace finds out that the original “Superman” is Noah’s favorite movie and arranges for Ben to play it at the Middleton Theater. At show time, Grace finds Noah sitting alone about to enjoy the movie. She joins him, only to have Nick appear as well. The two guys begin to bicker, and Noah leaves to sit somewhere else.

Sam begins to notice everybody around him acting strangely. He heads back to the office and while he is talking to Eve, he realizes that his friends, including Cassie, must be throwing him a surprise party. Eve makes Sam promise he will act surprised when the party actually happens.

Grace fills Abigail in on how her night at the theater went with Noah. Grace tells how Nick crashed their night and Abigail assures Grace she’s sure she will have more opportunities to be alone with Noah. Cassie comes downstairs and asks if Grace can put together a playlist of all of Sam’s favorite songs for his party and she obliges. Abigail jokes about the growing party size, especially with Martha in charge.

While at school, Noah finds Grace getting frustrated at her laptop. She tells him she was making Sam’s party playlist and lost the file. Noah offers to help and once again, Nick shows up and grabs a seat. Irritated, Noah takes off after recovering the files.