Second Time Around

Later in the evening, Sam stops by Bell, Book & Candle for an after work chat with Cassie. After her argument with Grace, Cassie is deeply immersed in the latest edition of the driving manual. Sam on the other hand has had more than his fill of Linda’s stay in Middleton. Sam tells Cassie that despite Linda’s feelings or what she’s said, he wants Cassie in his life. As they talk, a distraught Larry walks into the store. He apologizes for tracking her down but he needs to tell Cassie something important. Larry’s come to the realization that he can’t marry Beth and he’s decided to cancel the wedding.

Back at Grey House Brandon finds Tara flipping through his old baby books. She somberly tells Brandon that her test results were negative and she’s not pregnant. Brandon sighs and tells Tara that honestly, he’s relieved. But Tara is consumed with an overwhelming sense of loss. What’s more, she’s taken aback by Brandon’s reluctance to have children. Brandon tries to explain that he’s just not ready, but tense emotions explode into a fight. It quickly becomes clear to both of them that they are not sure they are still not on the same page in their marriage.

After Sam and Larry leave Bell, Book & Candle, Cassie is finally able to close the store. After closing the store for the evening, Cassie turns and begins to walk down the street. She takes a few steps down the sidewalk when suddenly, a man stands appears directly in front of her. She steps back and the man says hello. Cassie immediately recognizes the man as her old friend John.


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