Second Time Around

Early the next morning, Linda stops at Sam’s office to talk to about the Cassie situation. Still fuming, Sam tells her she had no right to tell Cassie to back off. Linda argues that she was only doing what she had to do to protect her family. Sam fires back saying that Cassie helped him and Nick get settled and that she may be the one person Nick actually trusts. He also tells Linda that he doesn’t know what he would have done without Cassie. Linda can tell that Cassie has had a positive effect on Sam and it’s something she can’t compete with. Sam calmly looks at Linda and tells her that no one is expecting her to compete with Cassie.

Back at Grey House, Cassie bumps into Larry as he applies a healthy coat of sunscreen. Cassie offers him her organic sunscreen but Larry has allergies to just about everything, including the sun. With his severe allergies, Cassie is surprised to hear that Larry and Beth are spending their honeymoon in Hawaii. Larry says that he really wanted to go skiing but Beth loves the water, so they are going to Hawaii. On her way down the stairs, Beth overhears their conversation. She tells Larry he should have said he wanted to go skiing for their honeymoon, but Larry shrugs it off and says it’s no big deal; he just wants Beth to be happy. Just then Beth’s phone rings and, as she walks off to take the call, Cassie whispers to Larry, “You’re allowed to be happy too.”

Back at Sam’s office the nearly voiceless Martha returns in worse shape than before. Despite Sam’s instructions to stop talking, Martha has given her voice almost no break at all. With her big acceptance speech just days away, Martha has no choice but to beg for Sam’s help. Sam knew Martha wouldn’t stop talking and, if she doesn’t speak for another 72 hours, she may still be able to make it through her speech. That is, assuming Martha can actually pay heed to the doctor’s orders.

Across town at the bistro, Stephanie angrily slams menus on the counter. She confides in Abigail that Dale pulled out of the expansion plan. Stephanie was sure her business and marketing plan impressed him and she can’t figure out what went wrong. At that moment that Abigail hands Stephanie an envelope with her name official resignation. She then tells Stephanie that she’s leaving to start her own business. While Stephanie was camping with Ben, Abigail was at dinner with Dale and convinced him to invest his money in her new business.