Second Time Around

Through a hoarse and scratchy voice, Martha explains that she’s receiving an award at the end of the week and an acceptance speech is mandatory. And, despite Sam already telling her to rest her voice, Martha insisted on practicing her speech. Now she has full-blown laryngitis and can barely squeak out a word. Unfortunately for Martha, Sam’s recommendation is for her to stop talking or face the real possibility of losing her voice entirely. In classic Martha form she tells Sam that all her voice needs is a little herbal tea and she heads off to see Cassie.

Across town at Bell, Book & Candle, Cassie moves a “help wanted” sign into the front window. As she does, Abigail enters and begins touting her success as Stephanie’s newest bistro employee. Business has certainly picked up since Abigail arrived but Cassie advises that the cause may not be Abigail’s doing alone. But Abigail is convinced of her own greatness and believes that Stephanie owes her more than just a job. In fact, Abigail wants Stephanie to make her a partner in the bistro. Cassie is more than wary and suggests Abigail start by asking for more responsibilities. But Abigail reasons that if Stephanie wants to keep all the new business Abigail thinks she’s brought, then Stephanie has no choice but to make Abigail her partner.

Walking through the park one of Middleton’s newest couples, Ben and Stephanie, are playing a little game. Ben has a surprise weekend getaway planned and Stephanie is doing her best to guess where they are going. Stephanie runs down a list of fancy and romantic restaurants she’s been dying to try, but Ben’s idea is slightly more rustic. For this date, Sam is taking Stephanie someplace she’s never been: camping. Ben is thrilled, but Stephanie is much less than thrilled at the prospect. Looking for a way out, she suddenly remembers an appointment with an investor who’s interested in her planned expansion of the bistro. Undeterred, Ben says they can leave as soon as she’s done. But the look on her face tells Ben that Stephanie really isn’t into the idea. But when Stephanie realizes how excited Ben is, she agrees to go, but only for one night. The compromise makes Ben happy and he promises her she’ll have a good time.

Later that night at Grey House, Tara and Cassie put the finishing touches on dinner. As they talk, Tara accidentally knocks a salad bowl to the floor, sending lettuce flying. Cassie tells Tara it’s okay, but Tara responds in a way that suggests something much bigger is on her mind. Tara takes a deep breath and reveals to Cassie she thinks she might be pregnant. Cassie is excited for Tara and assures her that it will be ok, but Tara isn’t sure that she and Brandon are still on the same page about having kids. Being a mom is so much for Tara to process that she hasn’t found the right way to tell Brandon. Cassie calmly tells her that as long as they are together, she and Brandon can handle whatever life throws at them.