Say it With Candy

Before dinner, Cassie meets Sam at his house and she notices his old guitars laying out. She asks if he is ever going to play, again and he says maybe someday when the mood strikes him. Cassie lets him know she hopes that mood is someday soon. Later on at the brewery, Sam and Liam grabs some alone time to talk about their past relationships. Liam ribs Sam for once saying he would never fall in love again, and here he is with Cassie. Sam tells Liam that he may have fallen in love but he will never get married again.

Later on at dinner at Grey House, Sam addresses Noah and Nick’s strained friendship. Tensions arise between the two and Nick brings up an incident at a beach house back in Long Island. Sam shares that right before he and Nick moved to Middleton, Nick broke into a beach house in Long Island with some friends and vandalized it. That was his sign it was time to move out of New York. What Sam and Liam never knew was that it was Noah’s original plan and he ran when the cops showed up and let Nick take the fall.

The next morning the health inspector lets Stephanie know the bistro will pass his latest inspection with flying colors, in fact, she handled every curve ball he threw at her. Now he can’t wait to take his friends there to try the food. Stephanie tells Abigail that she credits her chocolates for giving her the confidence this whole time. Abigail is happy to hear she can help.

Nick and Grace are walking to school and Noah catches up with them. Nick is upset at Noah’s arrival and takes off. This gives Noah and Grace a chance to talk. Noah jokes that he is jealous of Nick in the long run because he gets to live next door to Grace and smiles. The comment catches Grace off guard.