Say it With Candy

Abigail’s Flower Shop is booming with people in line to buy chocolate. Cassie stops by to say hi and runs into Liam, who is checking out another local small business in Middleton. Liam then sets his sights on Abigail and asks her out. She tells him she is not into dating right now, but he points out that he only wants to take her out to talk business. The two agree to meet up after Liam gets settled into Grey House.

During breakfast at Grey House, Grace invites both Sam and Nick to join in with Grace, Cassie, Noah and Liam. Once Nick sees Noah, he takes an apple to go. Still unsure of what started their rift, Grace asks Sam if he and Nick are available for a group dinner that night, he accepts the offer.

Back at Cassie’s store, Martha stops by and points out that there the place is completely empty and offers to buy something frivolous out of guilt since she spends all her time buying chocolate from Abigail’s shop. Cassie doesn’t seem to mind of the slower business.

Back at Abigail’s store, Tara stops by looking for a gift to bring for her and Brandon’s double date with Martha and Tom. Abigail suggests more of her chocolates and Tara is surprised the shop hasn’t sold out, yet. What Tara doesn’t know is that Abigail did sell out and went to the local grocery store and purchased different chocolates, but placed them the same wrapping, hoping her customers wouldn’t notice. Tara and Brandon arrive at Martha and Tom’s and Martha immediately notices the chocolate doesn’t taste the same. When Martha asks Tom to bring out their good silver tray from their 25th wedding anniversary, Tom admits that he sold it at their garage sale, thinking they didn’t need it anymore. The two begin bickering in front of Tara and Brandon, creating awkwardness for the couple.