Say it With Candy

Grace and Cassie are cleaning out the attic and donating old musical instruments to the school. Abigail comes home after an exhausting day and tells the two of them her chocolates are selling like crazy and she needs help. She asks if Grace can take an after-school job at the shop and Grace is excited to start.

Back at Grey House, Grace and Nick are doing homework when Liam and his son Noah stop by to move in. Nick gives his old pal Noah the cold shoulder and abruptly leaves. Both Liam and Grace are shocked by the reaction. The next day, Sam checks in on Liam at the brewery and points out the odd interaction between Nick and Noah the night before. Sam says maybe there has just been too much time that has passed since the last time they hung out.

Back at Abigail’s Flower Shop, she is continuing to sell her chocolates like crazy with Grace’s help. Nick stops by and Grace wants to know more about his strained friendship with Noah. He tells Grace that she doesn’t know the real Noah and she should stay clear.

Later that night, Sam and Cassie have a date night at the brewery and Liam joins in and jokes about the dirt he has on Sam. When Sam takes off to buy another round of drinks, Liam lets Cassie know about Sam’s guitar talent, news she is surprised to hear.