Running Scared

Grace learns that Nick has decided to train Anthony for the big 10K. However, when Grace calls Anthony, he is definitely not in training with Nick. It turns out Nick is falsely using Anthony’s training as an excuse to get out of being grounded. Grace is crestfallen. She really wanted to believe that Nick was helping her friend.

Grace confides in Cassie that Nick has used her again. She either needs to rat him out or be part of his lie. But Cassie thinks there’s a third option. Grace has Anthony come by for a visit, and sends him home right when she sees Sam pull into his driveway. Sam asks Anthony how training went with Nick. Anthony is confused, and the cat’s out of the bag—Nick is busted.

Derek and Ashley get into a conversation, and Ashley tells him that her plans for the future are up in the air. She tells him that she could use a job, and Derek indicates that he could probably help her out with that.

Sam confronts Nick again and takes away his cell phone. Sam is fed up and sick of having the same conversation over and over and Nick not changing his behavior. Sam goes to see Cassie for a slice of pie and some advice. He needs help from Cassie on how to move forward with his son.

At the café Stephanie confides in Cassie that she knows she is getting to Sam, she is wearing him down! Cassie advises Stephanie not to chase him too hard, otherwise her plans will backfire. Just then Sam shows up and Cassie leaves the café. Stephanie pours him a triple espresso on the house. Sam asks about her knee and if he will be seeing her on his morning run--she demurs. He seems surprised when she says no, that her running days are over and that she is overdoing it with the doctor visits. Sam says he will miss her at the office.

Ryan returns to Sam’s office for a re-check of his knee – Sam clears him to return to running. He urges Sam to re-think participating in the race, and that in a small town this is an opportunity to build relationships. Ryan says that to him being the best means beating the best. The competition is on!

Meanwhile, Martha has started training for the 10k, but she’s already complaining about pain to Cassie. The Mayor visits Sam on Cassie’s advice, and Sam he finds some scar tissue on her foot and lets her know she may have Plantar fasciitis. To be on the safe side, she should not run. Martha is pleased with the outcome.

Sam and Nick have a fight, and he takes Nick’s phone and other items as a punishment for lying. Sam says they need a game changer, that they don’t have a solid relationship. Despite his fears for the future, he stands firm and says that Nick’s behavior is going to stop—right now.

At Grey House, the man from out of town shows a photo of Ashley to Cassie, saying she was a friend of his daughter’s. Just then Ashley walks in and sees the man on the couch. She says hello, and the man greets her as “Heather.” She denies the name and bolts. Meanwhile, a US attorney visits the police station in search of Ashley. The attorney reveals that Ashley is a witness against her fiancé, who needs to be put behind bars.

Back at Grey house, Ashley says goodbye to Cassie, and confesses her true identity as Heather. Cassie urges her to stay, but an apologetic Heather feels as though she has no choice. She’s made many mistakes in the past, and staying on the run might just be another one.

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