Out of the Past

Nearby at Bell, Book & Candle, Ryan stops by for a final farewell. Despite his not wanting to be friends, Cassie did him a personal favor that helped him sell his house. He then admits that he didn’t leave things in a good place, but despite it all, Cassie was still willing to help him. She tells him that just because he can’t be her friend, it doesn’t mean she can’t still be his. Ryan realizes that they’ve come full circle and that in her unique way, Cassie hit the reset button on their friendship.

Later in the evening Cassie finds Sam outside shooting hoops, a sure sign that something is on his mind. Earlier in the day Linda asked if she could move into his spare room. Sam was immediately against the idea and told her that “this isn’t some cute romantic comedy where the divorced parents live together for the sake of their child and everything works out in the end.” Linda angrily told him that the situation isn’t a picnic for her and that she wants to be closer to her son. Now Sam is left with the difficult task of doing what’s best for his son, at the cost of his own happiness. With no clear solution, Sam asks Cassie if she has any of the tea she gave him the first time they met. As luck would have it she does, so the two friends head off, back to Grey House.

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