Out of the Past

Later in the day, as Sam walks up to his office, he finds Grace standing outside waiting for him. She stopped by to bring a piece of his favorite cake as a thank you for the driving lessons. Her gesture is thoughtful but Sam is certain that something else is up. He sits her down and asks why she doesn’t want to take her test. He asks if it’s something at school or at home but Grace shrugs off the suggestions and tells him that she really doesn’t want to talk about it. Sam gets the hint and says he won’t push, but if she does want to tell him, he’ll be there for her.

The next morning Cassie stops in to the flower shop and finds an exhausted Abigail, struggling to finish her orders. When Abigail tells her Sophie quit, Cassie tells her those things tend to happen when employees are overwhelmed. Abigail says Sophie just wasn’t a go-getter but she’s sure everything will work out. Cassie reminds her that a new business “thrives or dies on reputation” and Martha is sure to tell everyone if Abigail doesn’t deliver on her order. Abigail is counting on being the only flower shop in town, but Cassie points out that the flower shop in Blairsville is bigger and delivers. The dose of truth finally hits Abigail and she realizes that her business is finished if she fails this order.

Later that day at the café, Stephanie is busy running orders when her mom arrives with a new friend. Earlier, Ben had stopped by Grey House to do some work for Cassie. Unaware of Stephanie’s relationship with Ben and unaware that Stephanie’s mother was in town, Betty and Sam strike up a conversation and soon realize that they have both been led astray. Now at the bistro, Stephanie is left wide-eyed and speechless, as it appears her secret has been revealed.