Out of the Past

Later in the day Sam and Cassie meet up to talk about Ryan. Sam found out that Ryan was back in town and was having lunch with Cassie and now Cassie wants to come clean. She tells Sam that she and Ryan had lunch and that things between them were complicated. Ryan wants something from her that she can’t give him, not matter how much she cares for him. Seeing him also made her realize that she’s not ready for anything beyond friendship with anyone. Sam gets the message and tells her that he truly hopes that she and Ryan can patch things up.

The next morning at the flower shop, Abigail arrives to find the lights off, the doors locked, and the phone ringing off the hook. She unlocks the door and immediately yells for Sophie. The only response is the continual ring of the phone. On the other end is Martha, calling to add another 25 arrangements to her order. As Abigail listens to Martha she finds a note, not unlike the one she gave Stephanie. The note says:

I can no longer run this store by myself. I quit.



After attending to the business with Abigail, Martha leaves her office in search of her son. Martha’s used her connections to land Michael an interview for a job as the assistant to the president of a local bank. When she finds him sitting outside her office, she’s surprised to learn that he didn’t go to the interview. He tells his mom that being an assistant isn’t the type of job that will allow him to showcase his talents. He then asks her for some money so he can go hang out with his friends from high school. She pulls a few bills from her purse and, as he takes the money and walks away, she realizes that her husband was right and that her son is refusing to grow up.