Out of the Past

At town hall, Martha talks to her husband Tom about the lavish party she’s planning. Tom is less enthusiastic because the party Martha is planning is for their son Michael’s return. It turns out that Michael is moving back because he got fired from his job as a waiter at a themed restaurant and is now broke. Martha insists that the job was beneath him but Tom is more concerned with his son’s lack of maturity and unwillingness to grow up.

At the flower shop, Abigail flirts with a male customer while her assistant Sophie is surrounded by vases, bags of pebbles and buckets of flowers. Martha’s order is very complicated and Sophie is frustrated at having to do all the work by herself. Grace walks in and, seeing how busy Sophie is, tells Abigail that she can stop by and see her later. Abigail says she’s never too busy for her favorite cousin and goes to lift a bucket of pebbles off a table. She stumbles with the bucket and Grace jumps in to lend a hand. Sophie rolls her eyes as Abigail tells Grace that she’s exhausted working so hard on Martha’s order. Grace offers to help out and before she knows what’s happening she’s helping Sophie make arrangements while Abigail heads off for a break.

At her lunch later that day, Cassie and Ryan finally have the chance to talk. They’ve said nothing since the night Ryan saw Sam almost kiss her. Cassie explains that she was surprised not by Sam wanting to kiss her, but by her own desire to kiss Sam. She then tells Ryan that she doesn’t feel ready to be with anyone. The news gives Ryan hope that someday he will get a chance at a relationship with Cassie, but those hopes are in vain. Cassie tells Ryan that she doesn’t have romantic feelings him. Cassie hopes they can go back to being friends but Ryan can’t ignore his feelings and that being friends would be too painful for him.

At Grey House, Tara arrives, searching for Brandon, who sent her a text saying he had an emergency. She walks into the living room and finds Brandon holding baby Max. The image is adorable, but before she can get wrapped up in the moment, Brandon tells her he needs her help taking care of Max. Tara agrees, but as the day wears on, her patience with diapers and puke starts to wear thin. The situation is made worse when she realizes Brandon is a natural. Having watched Grace when she was a baby, Brandon has an ease with Max that Tara can’t match. Exhausted and smelly, Tara realizes that a baby might be more than she originally bargained for.