Out of the Past

At Town Hall Martha gleefully stamps documents when she hears a knock at the door. Assuming it’s Chief Sanders she beckons him in, but he doesn’t enter and that knocking continues. She gets up from her desk and is surprised to find her adult son Michael standing on the other side of the door. She’s always doted over her son and as she looks at him, she immediately decides that he’s too thin and in desperate need of her home cooking.

At the bistro, Cassie waits for her order at the bar as Stephanie does her best to manage the busy restaurant and her own personal stress. Earlier in the day Stephanie’s mom Betty arrived for a surprise visit to check on her daughter. Betty’s visit always incudes a healthy dose of well meaning but annoying advice and prying into Stephanie’s love life. Hoping to get a break from the torment, Stephanie asks if she can put her mother up at Grey House. Cassie agrees and then asks if Betty’s had the chance to meet Ben. “Absolutely not,” Stephanie replies. Stephanie is sure that her mother won’t approve of Ben’s job status, but Cassie suspects that Betty isn’t the only one that has issues with Ben’s working class background. Stephanie insists that she really likes Ben, but she’s also sure that things will go much better if her mother doesn’t get involved.

Later in the day Brandon makes his way to Cassie’s shop to get the list of groceries to pick up for his grandfather. Along with the list, Cassie asks him to do her a favor and pick up pastries at the bistro. While at the bistro Brandon runs into Derek, who’s babysitting his little nephew, Max. Derek is on uncle duty after Max’s mom had an emergency. But now Derek has an emergency of his own to deal with and he asks Brandon if he can watch Max for a couple hours. Unable to say no to his boss, Brandon nervously agrees and heads back to Grey House with the pastries and a baby.

Across town, Sam and Grace wrap up their latest driving lesson. Grace’s driving skills have improved dramatically and the time they’ve spent has brought them closer. But now, with her driving lessons almost complete, Grace is unsure if she’s ready to move on. She tells Sam that she’s decided to postpone her driving test so they have more time to practice. Sam is puzzled and tells Grace that she’s ready, but she tells him no, she doesn’t think she is.