Not Getting Married Today, Part 2 Episode Recap

Joanne stops by the shop to pick up some tea, and she and Cassie catch up. Cassie assures Joanne that she and Sam will be just fine. In fact, she has a friend in Chicago she visits twice a year who always has great advice, and Cassie is long overdue for a visit.

Cassie gets to Chicago and as soon as she checks in to her hotel, she pays her friend Olympia a visit at her book store. Olympia senses that there is trouble in paradise when it comes to Sam and Cassie, and agrees to go get tea and catch-up. Cassie admits that she and Sam were fine until she found out he never wants to get married, again. Olympia’s advice to Cassie is to live in the moment and stop being so focused in the moments that follow. She believes that when you live in the present, you still get to be surprised by what life throws at you.

Joanne and Sam grab a meal at the microbrewery, where she wants to talk further about Sam’s stance on marriage. Sam says it is easy for Joanne to talk because she has never been married before. As soon as he says the words, he feels guilty. She says the reason why she never got married is because she never found someone to love as much as Sam loves Cassie, and begs him to not let her get away.

Noah and Grace are walking home when they are interrupted by Courtney. Grace is shocked to learn that Nick agreed to go out with Courtney this weekend, especially when Grace thought Nick was planning to break up with her. The two girls spot Sam taking off in his car. When Grace wants to know where he’s headed, he tells her he’s taking a one-day trip to find Cassie.