Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

Cassie brings jars of loose tea that will help Joanne to strengthen her bone density and cartilage. Joanne tells Cassie she has been brought on to help Stephanie with the menu for Michael and Vanessa’s wedding. The two agree to drive to the venue together in the morning. When Cassie leaves, Joanne confronts Sam and wants to know if he has changed his mind about getting married again. Sam tells his big sister the answer is no--he is still determined to stay single. Joanne is disappointed with the answer and heads to bed.

As Pavla and her parents prepare to leave, Abigail swings by to tell Pavla good-bye. Pavla says thank you for helping find her when she was hiding earlier. As a parting gift, Abigail tells Pavla she can keep the earrings she let her borrow earlier.

Joanne and Stephanie fill Elizabeth in on what they are thinking for when catering the wedding. Elizabeth instantly dismisses their menu, calling it not sophisticated enough for such an event. Elizabeth ends up firing Stephanie on the spot. In fact, Elizabeth announces she is going to be taking over all the wedding planning.

Joanne and Cassie grab some alone time and Joanne accidentally spills that Sam never wants to get married again. This is news to Cassie. Joanne notices the look on her face and says even though Sam doesn’t want to get married, again there is no doubt in her mind that he loves Cassie a lot.

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