Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

Martha and Elizabeth walk into Cassie’s shop and let her know they still are on the hunt for a wedding venue. Elizabeth spots a painting on Cassie’s wall and says wherever that is, it would make for the perfect venue. When Martha says it is the very expensive Hudson’s Mill, Elizabeth says it doesn’t matter. She wants that venue for her daughter’s wedding.

At the coffee shop, Noah surprises Grace with a visit. She says she was supposed to meet Nick and Courtney but they wanted to grab some alone time instead. Grace says she needs to run home to study and Noah reminds her that he will see her later.

As Grace is walking home, Noah catches up with her and presents her with a yellow daisy, just like her father used to pick her. He says he got the flower because he knew it would make her smile. Grace and Noah then share in their first kiss.

At Hudson’s Mill, Martha is surprised with how extravagant the wedding planning is getting. Elizabeth tells Martha to not worry; the only thing that matters is if Vanessa approves.