Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

Noah returns from New York and grabs coffee with Grace. He fills her in on his not-so-pleasant trip visiting his mom and step-dad. Grace finds this the perfect time to tell Noah she missed him while he was gone. He smiles and tells Grace he missed her, too.

Later that evening, Nick, Sam, Joanne, Cassie and Grace all go to dinner. Cassie and Joanne connect while talking about their mutual love for Thailand. Sam is surprised to hear that Joanne doesn’t have any immediate plans to leave Middleton, saying she is taking her traveling schedule day by day.

Cassie, Joanne and Sam grab coffee at the Bistro, where Joanne meets Stephanie. Joanne and Sam take off and Cassie is approached by Martha, who wants Stephanie to go overboard on a giant and colorful cake for her son’s wedding. Cassie reminds Martha to keep it simple, at the request of Michael and Vanessa. Martha reluctantly changes the order to keep the cake white and basic. Later that day, Martha meets with Michael and Vanessa, who are pleasantly surprised that Martha has kept the wedding planning to a minimum. Their gathering gets a surprise visitor: Vanessa’s mother, Elizabeth, who arrived days earlier to help plan the upcoming nuptials. Martha is shocked to see just how opinionated Elizabeth is when it comes to the wedding.

Earlier in the day, Abigail found Pavla hiding in a closet at Grey House. The two bond a bit and Pavla falls in love with Abigail’s earrings that she got as a gift from Cassie. Abigail ends up loaning the earrings to the little girl. Later on at the coffee shop, Pavla finds Abigail drinking coffee. Pavla's father asks if Abigail can watch Pavla while he and his wife order their coffee and she agrees. Abigail gets to know the little girl more when the two share that neither has their real parents around anymore. Abigail compliments Pavla on how good her earrings look on her.