In Sickness and In Health

The time for the Health Fest arrives, and it’s a big hit. Martha loves the turn-out and jokes that Cassie and Sam should think about planning another big event (hint hint), after which they carefully change the subject. While at the Health Fest, one by one patients and customers approach Sam and Cassie to let them know they are feeling much better after their spells with fatigue. Cassie and Sam put it together that everybody who had experienced the same symptoms also live or work in the same neighborhood. It turns out there was a gas leak that was affecting the health of all of them! Cassie and Sam tell their patients and customers all to get plenty of fresh air, continue to eat healthy foods, and take time to relax. The two also realize that when they worked together, they got to the bottom of the issue. Sam and Cassie really do make a great team!

Later that evening, Cassie tells Grace that Larissa is on the mend. Grace is happy to hear that she was not the reason why Larissa was sick. Grace is excited to have her team member back and isn’t bothered if she has to give her captain title away. Cassie says it doesn’t matter, because she will still be in the stands cheering on her daughter.

Harrison is packing up his art supplies and getting ready to leave. Harrison returns Cassie’s paint brush and he thanks her for placing his work station in the middle of Grey House so he can observe how people communicate around him. Cassie says she looks forward to checking out his exhibit when he has one.

Sam stops by to tell Cassie he enjoyed working with her on the Health Fest and looks forward to doing it again next year. George walks in with a painting that Harrison left behind. In the painting, it appears that Nick and Grace are fighting, and Sam and Cassie’s body language shows the two are distant. Cassie and Sam assure everyone that it just a painting and to not read into it.

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