In Sickness and In Health

In the next room, Nick is helping George with a lightbulb. Abigail shows Grace and Nick Harrison’s painting that he had left lying around, which is very similar to the experience they just shared. Everybody agrees that Harrison’s ability to paint the future is pretty freaky.

Back at Cassie’s shop she finds a customer experiencing forgetfulness and offers her an aromatherapy candle. She also extends an invite to the upcoming Health Fest. After closing up shop, Cassie heads to the fest’s headquarters and finds Sam in charge of the layout. Cassie points out that all of Sam’s medical friends have booths in the front, while those in Cassie’s field are more pushed to the back. Stephanie shows up and wants to know where her booth is and Sam admits that although he didn’t make room for her, he will make arrangements.

Larissa arrives late to decathlon prep and the teacher chastises her in front of the class as Grace watches. The teacher turns to Grace and offers her the role of captain. Before Grace can answer, Larissa begins hyperventilating and Grace calls Sam for help. The diagnosis is fatigue and he orders her to go home and rest. Cassie finds out about Larissa’s diagnosis and tells Sam she is also meeting more and more people with similar symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and memory-loss. Sam and Cassie agree to team up to figure why. They agree to meet up with their customers and patients again and try to find a connection.