In Sickness and In Health

Harrison is continuing his work in the dining room and Abigail catches a glimpse. She is pleasantly surprised that she is one of Harrison’s subjects in the painting, alongside George. Moments later, George walks in to talk to Abigail and she notices that the painting she just looked at was a premonition of the exact moment she is experiencing now.

Cassie and Sam meet Martha in her office so she can update them about their upcoming Health Fest, and she officially invites Sam to be part of it. He agrees to pitch in, joking that he and Cassie are now co-workers. Later, Cassie meets Sam at his house to talk about the fest. She is surprised that Sam has already invited more people and decided on how the layout of the event will go.

The next day, Sam sees his second patient of the week complaining about fatigue. He tells his patient about the upcoming Health Fest and she is interested in checking it out. Meanwhile, at Cassie’s shop, she meets a customer with similar complaints, and she also invites him to stop by the Health Fest. She is soon surprised when her friend Margo stops by. Margo says she had heard about a new partner at the Health Fest who joined this year and is changing things around, not realizing it is Sam! Margo recommends Cassie use her charm to get her way and not let this new hotshot walk all over her. Cassie just smiles.

Abigail checks in on Grace and asks if Larissa is out of the picture as team captain of the decathlon team yet. Grace says no, but does point out that several obstacles have been getting in Larissa’s way to make her job harder. Abigail questions if maybe these obstacles are the result of Grace, without Grace even being aware of it.