How to Say 'I Love You!'

Later that evening, Sam surprises Cassie at Grey House with a box of tea. She asks about his day and he talks about one patient of his who had a heart attack scare, which made the guy realize just how much he loved his wife. Cassie just smiles and listens.

When Cassie visits the bistro for some coffee, she spots Martha in hiding behind a newspaper. Cassie wants to know why, and Martha explains that her only crime is wanting to say yes to too many good things for Middleton. As a distraction, Cassie suggests Martha help Stephanie out with setting up the theater’s upcoming party, and Martha thinks that is a wonderful idea.

Back at the theater, Martha is impressed with just how great the theater is looking. Stephanie introduces Ben, Martha and Nick to the vintage popcorn machine that is now on display. She said she had help using lightbulbs she found in Cassie’s Grey House attic.

Back at the flower shop, Sam is back to buy more candy. Abigail casually points out the “I Love You” balloon by her side and asks if Sam has ever said those words out loud. Sam says yes, to a handful of a women, but nobody he is currently with.