How to Say 'I Love You!'

Cassie surprises Sam at his place before he heads to his office. She officially invites him to be her date to Ben’s big night at the theater’s grand opening. Cassie tells Sam how Grace loved the movie being played, describing it as a romantic black and white film. Sam shakes off the idea of those kind of movies, citing it as impossible for a couple to fall in love so quickly in real life. That leads Cassie to ask Sam how long a real couple should wait before saying “I love you.” Sam is saved by the bell when his phone rings; he has to run to the hospital to check on a patient.

Grace stops by Martha’s office to ask her about how to get funding for a city project. Martha explains that the city funds are historically low at the moment, and in fact, they don’t have any money for extra projects like trees and swing sets. After their conversation, Martha sneaks out before any of her staff can track her down for more funding requests.

Later on, Grace lets Cassie know how her visit with Martha went. Stephanie also shows up looking for fancy containers for Ben’s party. Cassie expresses how excited she is for opening night. Stephanie admits she just hopes she is ready for the big launch.

Back at the theater, Nick continues helping Ben get the place ready for the launch. Stephanie shows up with an old popcorn machine she came across in the basement to put on a display for the party.

Martha tries to sneak out of the office for the evening and gets caught. Jared tells her she needs to start addressing the funding issues with the city council. She dashes away when Abigail stops by asking about sidewalk repairs outside her shop.