Later in the evening, as Sam finishes work in his office, Eve arrives with a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She apologizes for gossiping about his personal life and goes on to explain that in Middleton, everyone knows everything about everyone else. She explains that the beauty of small town life is that people know what’s going on in your life because they actually care about you. She then offers to find a replacement, someone more professional and less chatty. Sam realizes he may have been harsh, and smiles as he tells Eve that oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are his favorite. He then invites Eve to sit and gossip with him…about her problems with her dog.

In a beautiful florist shop in downtown Middleton, Abigail shows a young boy around cases filled with fresh flowers. In keeping her promise to Martha, Abigail was able to get the expedited permit to open a flower shop. She escorts her K-Buddy outside to a table where Chuck is sitting. He asks Abigail why flowers and she explains that she lived by the flower market in New York and fell in love with flowers. It also helped that the only other flower shop in town went out of business, leaving Abigail with no competition and lots of customers.

Back at Grey House, Cassie closes her mailbox as Sam pulls into his driveway. The news that Cassie has an ex-boyfriend in town has been weighing heavily on Sam’s mind. He gets out of his car and asks Cassie why she didn’t tell him about her ex-boyfriend coming back to town. She tells Sam that John is an old friend, not a boyfriend, and that his taking a job in Blairsville wasn’t really big news. Sam realizes that Linda is again trying to wind him up and control his life. Cassie doesn’t condone her actions but she does feel sorry for Linda. Her kindness reminds Sam why he’s fallen for her and asks if they can try dinner again. Cassie tells him absolutely.

Later in the day Cassie answers the door and finds John standing with a bottle of wine, her favorite. He asks if he can come in and tells her they have a lot to talk about. Cassie smiles but the concern is written all over her face.

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