Cassie again thanks Sam for taking Grace on driving lessons. Unbeknownst to Cassie, the previous night, Linda had not so subtly mentioned to Sam that John was Cassie’s old boyfriend. Sam thanks her for the tea and then asks about the ‘new guy’ in town. Cassie casually explains that she and John we college friends, but Sam is unsure.

At the bistro, Stephanie sees Abigail walking by with a bouquet of flowers. Stephanie’s been unable to stop fuming about Abigail quitting, stealing her investor and her location but, after talking with Cassie and Ben, she’s decided to let it go. She approaches Abigail and tells her that despite what she did, she’s willing to forgive her. As they talk Chuck walks up and tells Stephanie that she dodged a bullet. Stephanie looks puzzled until he explains that the location she wanted for her new shop had a small electrical fire. The resulting investigation revealed numerous code violations and the building has been condemned. Abigail then points out that if Stephanie had signed the lease she would have been responsible for all the repairs. Stephanie is shocked into silence so Abigail simply tells her, “You’re welcome.”

As Stephanie heads back into the bistro Martha approaches Abigail with a bone to pick. Through her strained voice, Martha tells Abigail that she still owes her K-Buddy a mentoring session. Martha gives Abigail one day or the deal for the new permit is off. As Martha walks off, Chuck reminds Abigail that she also agreed to a dinner date if he got her the location for her new business. And regardless of the building being condemned, Chuck still wants his date.

Back at Bell, Book and Candle, Larry and Beth arrive to let Cassie know they’ve finished canceling their wedding plans. Before they leave Larry pulls out a letter and hands it to Cassie. He explains that he needed to sort some things out and it helped to write them all down. His started the letter talking about the wedding but ended up as an account of his feelings about Beth. Beth then pulls a letter from her pocket and reveals that she also wrote a letter about the wedding that ended up being a letter to Larry. As they begin talk they realize that their feelings for each other are still real and that perhaps they just need a fresh start. They thank Cassie for everything and leave to go and get to know each other for real.