Later in the day Sam and Cassie walk through town chatting about Grace’s first driving lesson. Despite the harrowing experience on the freeway, Sam has agreed to take Grace on another driving lesson. In appreciation of his efforts Cassie offers to take Sam out for dinner. The prospect of a date with Cassie makes driving with Grace all the more worthwhile but, as they enter Cassie’s shop, Linda pops up to rain on the parade. She’s gotten three tickets for a college basketball game and, while Sam thinks it would be a perfect mother son outing, Linda insists that Nick wants the three of them at the game. Cassie understands and tells Sam they can reschedule their dinner date.

Later at Sam’s office, Eve is again gossiping with a patient. Sam enters the reception area and overhears Eve sharing the details of the very personal conversation he had with Linda. Eve’s gossiping ways are too much for Sam and he tells her that she must stop talking about everyone and everything. Chastened, Eve walks away and resumes her position at the reception desk.

Back at Grey House Larry and Beth try to work out where to send the food and flowers from their wedding. The discussion over their canceled wedding turns into an argument as Beth realizes that Larry has been going along with whatever she wanted in order to make her happy. Cassie makes her way downstairs to check on the couple and finds Brandon sitting in the living room watching the fight. He’d wanted to move but he didn’t want to be rude and interrupt. Watching the couple, he can’t believe they were thinking of getting married. It’s then that Cassie explains that Larry and Beth are not fighting, they are communicating, probably for the first time. She then tells Brandon that every couple needs to communicate from time to time.

The next day at Sam’s office Martha is again having her voice examined. Unfortunately, despite her attempts to stop talking, her laryngitis hasn’t improved. Sam tells her the horrible news that making a public speech could permanently damage her voice. Sam escorts her out of the office as she wipes tears from her eyes. Cassie, who is dropping off tea for Sam, tells her sometimes being there means more than words can express. Martha nods in appreciation and woefully leaves the office.