Later in the evening, Beth tearfully apologizes to Cassie for canceling her wedding at the last minute. Larry walks in and tries to talk to Beth but she immediately shuts him down. Beth says she’s done talking and has already booked her flight home. Larry very meekly agrees and Beth gets up to walk away. But before they can leave, Cassie points out that Beth and Larry have to decide what to do with all the food, flowers, and other wedding arrangements they’ve made. Cassie says she would normally handle this type of situation but with a new employee at her shop, she needs Beth and Larry to handle this together.

At Sam’s house, Grace is filled with confidence as she pulls Sam’s car into the driveway. Fully self assured, Grace tells Sam that while she was a little nervous driving on the freeway, she feels like she did a great for her first time. Still recovering from the experience, Sam explains that Grace’s decision not to let the big rig pass was ‘interesting’ and that despite her assurances, the big rig driver was not waving at them. Grace takes Sam’s advice in stride and asks if he is available for another lesson tomorrow!

With the new location for her new shop secured, Abigail visits City Hall to plead with Martha for help with a new business permit. Through a whispered voice Martha explains that a new permit usually takes three months to process but Martha can expedite the process if Abigail will do her a favor. Martha’s new “K-Buddy” mentoring program pairs kindergartners with community leaders and business people. While she’s got interested children, Martha is in desperate need of a leader or business owner to volunteer. Martha offers to trade one expedited business permit for Abigail agreeing to spend the day with one of Martha’s ”K Buddies.” With no other options, Abigail agrees.