In downtown Middleton, Abigail and her realtor Chuck inspect a potential location for her new business. Despite ongoing renovations, the storefront is perfectly located, with lots of street and foot traffic. Chuck is doing his best to sell Abigail on the property, even telling Abigail that he has another interested tenant who’s willing to pay more for the location. The location is ideal and Abigail agrees to meet Chuck for dinner to finalize the deal.

Back at Grey House, Larry sits outside contemplating his failed engagement. Cassie sits with him as he explains that he loves Beth and has always done whatever he felt could to make her happy. But Beth’s strong personality has made him fearful of ever expressing his own feelings. The result is that in the three years they’ve dated, Beth has never gotten to know the real Larry. Cassie suggests Larry show Beth who he really is, but Larry doesn’t know where to start. His only hope now is that one day Beth will understand and forgive him.

Since Abigail quit her job at the bistro things have begun to spin out of control. On this particular day Stephanie runs from table to table doing her best to manage a crowd of hungry customers. At one of the tables, Ben finishes repairing one of the patio umbrellas. His face is a welcome break from the throngs of customers. But when he mentions that he just left inspecting Abigail’s new store, anger surges through Stephanie’s veins and she storms off. Hoping to make things better, Ben offers to make dinner, but Stephanie has to take a rain check, at least until she can find a suitable replacement.

Since learning that she’s not pregnant and that Brandon may not be ready for fatherhood, Tara has been staying at Grey House with Cassie. Hoping to lift her spirits, Brandon lays out a surprise breakfast with all her favorite foods. He flashes a big smile as Tara walks into the kitchen, but she is not ready to forgive and forget. She asks Brandon how he would really have felt if she had been pregnant. Brandon struggles to explain his feelings, but his non-answer says volumes. Frustrated, Tara tells him that the problem is clear: she wants a baby and he still doesn’t know what he wants.