Do The Right Thing

Martha visits Cassie with news that due to a gas leak the country club has been shut down. The ball will need to be cancelled! Cassie suggests they move the location to Grey House, which she had started preparing for a weekend wedding. Martha is thrilled.

Ryan and Stephanie are preparing appetizers in the Grey House kitchen when Mark stops in. He knows it is a long time coming, but he apologizes and says he is glad that Ryan has found happiness with Cassie.

Upstairs, Grace and Cassie talk about beauty and attraction, and Grace lets Cassie know that dad would want her to be happy. Heather appears and thanks Cassie for welcoming her back to Grey House. Cassie loans her a lovely evening dress for the ball.

Nick arrives at the ball, and starts dancing with Amber. Anthony arrives as well and wants to know what is going on between Grace and Nick. Grace claims nothing, but Anthony does not believe her. On the stairs, Anthony walks past Amber and Nick with a sly grin. Nick wants to know why he is smiling, and Anthony says he made a promise to Grace not to share what she knows. Nick is furious at having been betrayed.  Later in the evening, Nick confronts Grace about having spilled his secret to Anthony but she promises she did no such thing.