Do The Right Thing

Sam and Cassie debate anger and forgiveness. Sam shares with Cassie that his ex-wife had an affair with her Pilates instructor, and that as a result of the affair he divorced her.

In town, Annie and Mark run into Ryan and ask him how long he is going to stay upset. They ask about Cassie - are she and Ryan dating? He lies and says yes. At the Bell, Book and Candle, Ryan asks Cassie to be his date at the ball, and confesses that he told Annie and Mark that the two of them are a couple.  Cassie is confused, and Ryan backtracks, telling her that he will go and let Annie and Mark know the truth. As he is about to leave, Annie and Mark walk in and offer their congratulations to the two of them. Cassie plays along and grabs Ryan’s hand.

Mr. Beemish stops by a women’s shelter on his way out of town to make a donation. As he is about to leave, Heather emerges from the elevator. When they return together to Middleton, Cassie is relieved to see them. Mr Beemish tells Cassie that he ran into Heather at the shelter, and that he is looking forward to the opportunity to help her.  Heather wants to know why Mr. Beemish showed up at the shelter, and how he knows what her real name is. She is shocked to hear that he is actually her grandfather! Later in the evening, Heather explains to Derek that she has decided to testify and do the right thing.

Grace goes to see Nick and tells him to ask their friend Amber to the dance—she is interested in him.  He defers because he can’t dance, so Grace offers him a lesson, but Nick is hesitant to slow dance with Grace. Nick confides in Grace that once when he was eight he said no to a girl when she asked him to dance, and she hit him. She promises not to share his secret. Finally Grace gets him to stand up, and the two begin dancing. Just then, Anthony walks in and sees the two of them together, and they jump apart.

At the café, Ryan and Stephanie discuss his attending the ball with Cassie. Stephanie believes there is a little truth in this big lie - the one about Cassie and Ryan being a couple.