Day After Day

The next morning Stephanie stops by Abigail’s to pick up flowers for Sam and Cassie’s date. She tells Abigail that tonight will be perfect romantic setting for Sam and Cassie’s official first date. Abigail comes up with a plan.

Back at Grey House, Jim and Annabel continue to grow closer while playing croquet. Cassie stops by to check on the two and they share they have gotten to know each other a lot better while staying in Middleton.

Later on that night, the Bistro is lit by candlelight, the string quartet is performing and dinner is ready. Cassie is completely in awe of how far Sam has gone to make their first official date memorable. The romance is interrupted when Jim and Annabel show up holding invitations instructing them to meet at the Bistro. The plan was hatched by Abigail, hoping the two would show up and fall in love and end Abigail’s repeating days. Abigail shows up to tell Sam and Cassie it was she who sent the couple to the bistro, thinking they wouldn’t mind. Just then, both Sam and Cassie receive phone calls that Grace and Nick are at City Hall with the police-- another part of Abigail’s plot. When Sam and Cassie dart off, Jim and Abigail take their place at the table.

Sam and Cassie arrive at City Hall to find Grace and Nick were just letting themselves into Martha’s office to do more research on Middleton. Martha explains to the police that it was all a misunderstanding, since she gave the students permission to use her office for research.

Back at Grey House, Jim and Annabel are surprised to see all the carnations in the entryway. Abigail loves that the two are getting along swimmingly. When the two begin to argue, again, Abigail is disappointed her matchmaker night didn’t pan out.