Day After Day

Jim hangs out in the Grey House backyard playing croquet and is joined by Annabel. Once again, the bickering begins. The next morning, the two tell Cassie they both received calls that they are up for second interviews and will need another night at Grey House, she gladly offers up their keys.

Abigail continues to be frustrated with her less than exciting job at the flower shop and vents to Martha. She is interrupted by the same delivery man from the day before, with a new box of carnations. She is beginning to feel she is re-living the same day, over and over, again.

Nick is growing agitated with Grace and her lack of studying for their upcoming exam. She assures him she already knows all she needs to know. Nick tells Grace he also needs to get extra credit and wonders if there is anybody who can teach him about Middleton’s history. They wind up getting a lesson from Martha at city hall.

Back at the hospital, Cassie surprises Sam at work to see if he wants to go to dinner. He tells her he is really busy, but she is going to love what he has planned for their date the next day.

Jim is working in the dining room of Grey House and asks Grace where he can get more of the tea Cassie has been serving. Abigail overhears the conversation and asks Grace privately if she noticed it was strange that Jim and Annabel are still staying at Grey House despite both being scheduled to leave days before. She then puts it together that once Jim and Annabel get together, Abigail’s days will stop repeating themselves!