All in the Family

Grace and Anthony meet up outside of school. Anthony apologizes about Nick and the dance; he just wanted to bug Nick.  He agrees to help with Grace’s history project and is glad their friendship is on the mend.

Abigail walks in on Lori at work, and the conversation gets tense. Lori tells her she needed more of a balance of work and family, which is why she moved back to Middleton.  They argue about their shared history and it is obvious how hurt Lori is. Later, Abigail meets up with Grace, who is disappointed about Cassie nixing her movie plans. Abigail offers up something more fun than the movie. Grace is intrigued.

Lori sees Grace and Abigail involved in some sort of plan. Cassie is in the kitchen when Grace tells her that she is meeting Anthony at the Bistro café to help her with her project. Cassie wants to spend time with her after their separate evening plans, but Grace turns her down. A worried Cassie seems to know something untoward is afoot.

At Sam’s office, there is an accident when a file drawer falls onto Abigail’s ankle. Sam needs to take her to the hospital for an x-ray. Abigail says no, that she does not want Sam to miss his date with Stephanie. He tells her it is more important to get her checked out first. She smiles and it is clear that she has engineered this accident. Meanwhile, Stephanie waits impatiently at the restaurant, visibly disappointed.