All in the Family

Sam and Cassie meet up by their mailboxes and commiserate about the difficulties they are each having with their teenagers. Sam comments that Abigail has been a help at the office, and Cassie warns him that she can be a handful. He tells Cassie he can handle her, but Cassie tells him to make sure that Abigail doesn’t handle him.

At home, Grace walks into the kitchen alongside Abigail. She is dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket, dark eyeliner and heels. Cassie tells her she can’t wear that to school and Grace balks. Abigail tells Cassie that she is feeling a strong connection with Grace, and to ease up on her. Cassie can’t loosen her grip because she is the only one left to set limits for her daughter.

Stephanie stops by Sam’s office with muffins. Sam thanks her and she and Abigail face off a bit about their jobs and Abigail’s future in Middleton.  Sam and Stephanie are still on for their date night at a French restaurant.