All in the Family

At Sam’s office, Abigail stops in to thank him for walking her to Grey house. She offers him a coffee and when he declines, she answers his phone and steps seamlessly into the role of receptionist.

Stephanie is looking for a commitment potion at Cassie’s store. Cassie thinks that although Sam is still hurting over his divorce, she offers Stephanie a perfume of orange blossom, patchouli and honey, which was Cleopatra’s fragrance of choice. Cassie warns Stephanie that it is potent, and to use it with discretion.

Abigail is at the café when Stephanie comes to her table. Abigail compliments her on her perfume – and Sam walks in. Immediately there is tension as Stephanie realizes he is at the café to meet with Abigail. He announces that Abigail is his new receptionist and Stephanie gives him a minute to “decide” on his order, but there’s an underlying meaning to her words.

Sam and Abigail sit down together and he is surprised how dressed up she is. She claims she is depressed and needs someone to talk to. When he asks why she doesn’t turn to Cassie, Abigail claims she is that Cassie is too perfect at everything and she can be intimidating.

Martha and Ryan review Ryan’s new listing—a beautiful, large white home called Keating House--and Ryan tells her he has a developer interested in tearing it down and building six high end townhomes. One issue is that the property is currently zoned for a single family. Martha is excited and ready to help to see about getting zoning requirements updated.