A Perfect Match

At City Hall, Martha and Chief Sanders discuss security for the festival. As they talk, Martha’s assistant walks in with an urgent call. One of the principal vendors hasn’t heard from Abigail and is assuming that the festival has been canceled. The news puts Martha into a panic and she must now wonder what else Abigail hasn’t done. Just then her assistant comes back with more messages about the festival. Making matters worse, the “pie lady” is on the phone and she is very unhappy. Martha gasps as she slowly prepares to take the call from the “pie lady!”

Later that night Cassie is putting the finishing touches on dinner. Sam arrives and notices that the house is empty. Grace ran to the store and Nick is still getting ready, giving Sam and Cassie a moment of privacy. After taking a taste of Cassie’s meal, Sam leans in and he and Cassie share another kiss. As they do, Grace arrives home. As she makes her way into the kitchen she glimpses her mother and Sam kissing. Unsure what to do she quietly leaves to process what she’s just seen.

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