A Perfect Match

The next day at Grey House, Abigail and Cassie talk about the festival. Cassie’s decided that she wants to hold an auction during the festival. She’ll auction off 8 designer cakes and the proceeds will go towards the library reading program. Cassie’s plan has one flaw and that’s finding someone to help her bake 8 custom cakes. Abigail smiles and suggests that Cassie ask Sam. Cassie’s non-denial is all Abigail needs to know her hunch about Cassie and Sam is right. She then tells Cassie that if she hasn’t told Grace yet, she’d better do it soon because news travels fast in a small town.

Just then Sam walks in and Abigail takes her cue and leaves. Realizing he walked into a moment between Abigail and Cassie, Sam asks what’s going on. Cassie tells him that they need to talk about their new relationship and their kids. Sam agrees and they decide to have a family dinner to talk with Grace and Nick. Cassie then jokes that they can leave out the part where one of them has to move if things don’t work out.

At the bistro, Abigail enjoys a fresh cup of coffee. As Stephanie tops off her cup, Abigail sighs as she tells Stephanie how exhausted she is. Stephanie’s heard that Abigail is in charge of the festival planning and asks when they can meet to discuss the food. Abigail casually tells her that she’s really swamped and that she’ll call her later. Stephanie reminds her that the festival is this coming weekend, but Abigail is sure everything will be fine. With that Abigail leaves and Cassie arrives. She asks Stephanie why she looks so concerned and Stephanie explains that Abigail hasn’t done any work for the festival and the vendors are starting worry. Stephanie goes on to say that she’s feeling the same sense of anxiety over her relationship with Ben. Stephanie isn’t sure where her relationship is headed and she’s not sure if she can ask Ben what he really thinks. The situation gives Cassie the perfect opportunity to present Stephanie with a needed distraction, and she asks if Stephanie will make her the 8 designer cakes for the festival. It’s a lot of work in a short time, but since it’s for charity, Stephanie is willing to do what she can.