A Perfect Match

Back at Sam’s house, Nick notices that his dad is in an especially good mood. Curious, Nick asks his dad what’s up. Skipping over the news about Cassie, Sam tells him that they got the lake house. He then tells Nick that they’ll have all summer to hang out there before Nick heads to London in the Fall. Nick is surprised to hear his dad mention London and asks what he means. Sam tells Nick that that he read his essay and thought Nick carefully and logically laid out the reasons for studying abroad. And, after giving it some thought, Sam’s decided that Nick has his permission to study abroad.

Later in the day, as Nick walks to school, Grace excitedly runs up behind him and immediately congratulates him on getting his dad’s permission to go to London. Grace heard the news when she stopped at Sam’s office for some help with a class assignment. She immediately wants to know why Nick didn’t tell her himself. Nick struggles to find an answer and, as he does, Grace’s new friend Katy walks up to them. Grace tells her they were just talking about London. She tells Katy that Nick’s dad gave him permission to go, but that Nick still isn’t sure he that her really wants to go. Nick just sits uncomfortably quiet as Grace and Katy talk. As the conversation moves to the light festival, Nick decides to make his exit to go shoot some hoops. His sudden departure convinces Katy that that Nick doesn’t like her. Knowing Nick as she does, Grace tells her that Nick’s problem isn’t with Katy.

The next day, Sam stops at Bell, Book and Candle with a box of cookies for Cassie. Sam tells her that he bumped into John at the bistro and that John still thinks Cassie is going to the Maldives. Cassie still hasn’t made her decision and hasn’t said anything to John about the job offer. Sam promises to support whatever decision she makes. With a wry smile he then tells her that if she does go, she’ll have a big problem. He tells her that she’ll miss him terribly.