A Perfect Match Part 2

At city hall Martha runs though the list of vendors she needs to contact in order to cancel the festival. Since she knows most of them, Stephanie volunteers to contact the food vendors, giving Martha the time to deal with everyone else. Martha is relieved and reaches for the tin of Cassie’s calming tea. As she does, she realizes that the solution to this problem is more hands. The festival was always too big for one person, but Martha realizes that with some help, they may be able to salvage it.

Nearby in Stephanie’s catering kitchen, Ben and Stephanie take a break after their marathon baking session. Earlier in the day, Ben received a text from an ex-girlfriend, who’ll be in town for the festival. While she paid no mind at the time, Stephanie’s been fuming about the text ever since. Hours later, she’s now making cryptic hints that they may not have a future together. At first, Ben is confused. But as he tries to figure out what’s wrong, Stephanie notices that the bottom layer of one of the cakes has begun to collapse into itself. Ben offers to help but Stephanie pushes him away. He finally realizes that Stephanie is angry about his ex texting him. Frustrated, he tells Stephanie that spending three days, locked in a pastry kitchen with her should show her how serious he is about their relationship. He tells her to take the other seven cakes to the festival and promises to meet her with an eighth cake.

Outside, Cassie stops by to check on Sam and Nick. Sam tells Cassie that Nick is still broken up about London. Cassie thinks Nick just needs to find the right adventure for him and suggest to Sam that she may have something in mind. Sam thanks her for continually looking out for him and Nick. Cassie tells him that she cares for them both. Before heading to his office, Sam and Cassie agree to meet at the festival in front of the Ferris Wheel at 8 o’clock. But just as Sam jumps into his car, Cassie is overcome with a need to say one more thing. She turns to Sam, calls his name, and tells him, “Be careful tonight.”