A Perfect Match Part 2

Nearby, on her way to school, Grace catches up to Nick and asks if they can talk about their fight. She again apologizes for telling Sam that Nick was having second thoughts about London. Nick tells Grace that his hesitation stems from his new relationship with his dad. Nick’s enjoying the time he’s getting to spend with him and fears going to London would ruin all that they’ve gained. He then tells Grace that he needs to work this out on his own and that he and Grace need a break from each other.

At the café, Cassie and John sit to talk about the dig in the Maldives. Cassie thanks John for the opportunity but she knows that this adventure is his, not hers. John lives his life traveling from one adventure to another, but that’s not what Cassie wants. She tells him that what she really wanted in life was a family of her own and, now that she has that in Middleton, she realizes that it’s the one thing that makes her happy. In the moment, John realizes that his college friend has found what truly makes her happy in life.

Outside Abigail’s flower shop, Martha angrily stares into the dark window. Stephanie approaches with a delivery for Abigail, only to find the door locked and the lights off. The snub is the last straw for Martha and she’s decides then and there that she has no choice but to cancel the festival. Seeing Martha’s state, Stephanie decides to lend a hand and help Martha call all the vendors. As the two of them walk off, Abigail comes from the back of the shop and unlocks the door. She steps outside and a crafty smile crosses her face as she spots Martha and Stephanie walking away.